Lauren Walczyk: Minister of Social Media

Crescendo Music Loft is thrilled to have Lauren Walczyk on our management team. In keeping with our tradition of insuring that everybody can and does do all tasks, Lauren is proving to be no exception! While we rely on her to handle numerous aspects of our website updates and technology management needs, Lauren also handles tech support and coordination of lesson and curriculum resources for many of our students. Additionally, we rely on Lauren to publicize all of our events across countless social media platforms. Thankfully, Lauren is skilled in keeping our office equipment operational so that we don’t find ourselves offline and in the dark! When not handling our (thankfully rare) heating and air conditioning emergencies, Lauren can be seen functioning as Stage Manager for our increasingly popular “Groove” teen open mic series as well as coordinating our “Get Your Act Together” rehearsal and networking module. Be scared of Lauren as she is incredibly talented but also has been known to exhibit and in depth knowledge of true crime and ghost stories.