Joe Pecoraro: Business Planner & Resident Slave Driver

Affectionately known to us and others as “Joey Yeah Yeah,” Joe is our Czar of Cash and Manager of all things money here at CML. Essentially, Joey Yeah Yeah keeps us from making all kinds of financial “No No’s” thus keeping our lights on and our students learning in the comforts of our wonderful loft space.

When not busy keeping us on track with our balance sheet, Joe can be found behind various local bands keeping time utilizing his talents with his other passion as one of the shoreline area’s finest drummers.

Ken Hickmott: Grandmaster of Graphics

Ken Hickmott is our Grandmaster of Graphics joining us after relocating to Connecticut from Northern California. Ken’s experience as art director for a commercial printer as well as his exposure to package design, product labeling, financial reports and advertising materials make his wide array of talents especially attractive to our ongoing need for fresh images and message content throughout our numerous media and marketing materials. When not exercising his keyboard and mouse, Ken thrills audiences with tasty guitar playing including moments when he uses his half-full beer glass as a slide! When not spilling beer on his guitar, Ken can sometimes be seen walking along the inland waterways of Guilford seeking inspiration for his (our) next design project (if you see him, please don’t interrupt his thought and concentration)!

Tony Cafiero: Sultan of Spin

Tony is our wizard of the written word, sultan of synonyms,
and the prince of prose writing copy for our press releases, posters, web and
social media articles  When not busy
composing copy for CML, Tony can be found fooling audiences into believing that
he is an accomplished piano player although that sentiment is usually clouded
by the wine and beer consumed by his listeners and peers.

Abigail Connolly: Empress of Virtually All Tasks

Abigail (Abi) is our youngest and most diverse management member at Crescendo Music Loft who enjoys pointing out that she rightfully could do everybody’s job but simply doesn’t have the time. When not feasting on a steady diet of Skyr Icelandic yogurt along with fresh fruit & bread with a side of dried salami, Abi handles bookkeeping and accounting for CML as well as holding down the door for our Sessions and Groove events. Abi is an accomplished musician playing a diverse collection of instruments including piano, bass, uke,  saxophone, and cello. Additionally, Abi brings over 13 years of classical dance experience to us which assists her spare time passion of rock climbing (actually bouldering).

Lauren Walczyk: Minister of Social Media

Crescendo Music Loft is thrilled to have Lauren Walczyk on our management team. In keeping with our tradition of insuring that everybody can and does do all tasks, Lauren is proving to be no exception! While we rely on her to handle numerous aspects of our website updates and technology management needs, Lauren also handles tech support and coordination of lesson and curriculum resources for many of our students. Additionally, we rely on Lauren to publicize all of our events across countless social media platforms. Thankfully, Lauren is skilled in keeping our office equipment operational so that we don’t find ourselves offline and in the dark! When not handling our (thankfully rare) heating and air conditioning emergencies, Lauren can be seen functioning as Stage Manager for our increasingly popular “Groove” teen open mic series as well as coordinating our “Get Your Act Together” rehearsal and networking module. Be scared of Lauren as she is incredibly talented but also has been known to exhibit and in depth knowledge of true crime and ghost stories.

Kirsten Livingston: Maven of Marketing & Scheduling

Kirsten Livingston is the latest addition to our talented support team here at Crescendo Music Loft bringing her 25+ years of graphic design and project management skills to our dynamic group. Ms. Livingston handles all aspects of marketing our numerous events as well as insuring that we don’t have facility conflicts with all of our musical activities. In addition, we are incredibly happy to have Kirsten to manage music student lesson preparations and scheduling which no small task is considering the increasing popularity of Sandy Connolly’s music lesson classes. When not working at Crescendo Music Loft, Kirsten practices Yoga and enjoys all foods that contain high concentrations of Cinnamon spice which has earned her the nickname of “Cinnamon Girl” by this writer.

Ted Ervin: Factotum

Factotum of the Loft


Ted Ervin is Crescendo Music Loft’s Minister of Technology and the “go to guy” for needs regarding scheduling our rehearsal and performance space and anything related to equipment, be it backline, PA, or instruments. While we don’t hold it against him, Ted is a more than respectable bass player who is challenged to play root and tonic notes on the “1” and “3” rendering him a solid blues player in providing a terrific backbeat along with select drummers. Always in good cheer despite our near constant teasing about also being our staff attorney, Ted continues to surprise us with his restraint in muting our microphones during performances for revenge.

Sandy Connolly: High Priestess

Sandy Connolly is our fearless leader at Crescendo Music Loft handling all aspects of teaching in addition to running the business. Classically trained in music (opera) but having heard the southern calling of the blues, Sandy has used her musical exposure and skills to develop a unique and personalized teaching program to her students with lessons in voice, piano and music theory!

 Sandy brings her boundless energy to CML as well as several outside musical ventures along the shoreline running weekly open mic events in Madison when she is not busy promoting or running the many events hosted by CML each week. When not performing or teaching, Sandy loves to sharpen her pencils and organize her desk so as to feed her hefty case of OCD.