Sandy’s a terrific teacher. She’s got a wealth of knowledge, depth and breadth, and a way of passing it on that’s a great balance of teaching, asking, listening, pushing, pulling, cajoling, compassionate butt-kicking and fun.
Peter Hawes
Strategist, Writer, Editor, Producer at Independent Communication Consultant, Vice Chairman & Head of Programming at Guilford Performing Arts Festival and Chief content officer at Essex Publishing Group
Played my guitar for 45 years or so alone in my room , always wanted to be in a band but figured that ship had sailed. Sandy coached me out of my dark little cave into the light of a gigging band. Bob Segar was right: “Rock n Roll never forgets”
Gary Leydon
Lead Guitar & Vocals for Lexi & The Rents
I gained confidence in my stage presence. I learned how to sing harmonies. I learned how to cue my band mates throughout a song. I learned how to read and write a chart. I’ve come to really understand all of the organizing that goes into being a band member, and I’ve picked up organization and leadership skills from watching Sandy over the years. I’ve been exposed to different types of music I wouldn’t normally listen to, but have come to love.
Lexi Mariah
Recording Artist
I started playing guitar, singing and performing when I was in college, and had given it up for 40 years (hey, life happens) when I met Sandy at a backyard party. We got to talking and I made a decision right then and there that I was going to get back into music. What can I say? Sandy’s energy and “you can do this” attitude is infectious.
Barry Felson
Lead Singer for Repeat Offenders
I could not sing when I first came to Sandy Connolly. I have worked with her for 6 years and am now in an elite singing group in my school called ‘Voices’. I also gained a life long friend in Sandy. She’s the sweetest and most hardworking women I have ever met. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t meet her.
Madi Conklin
Music Student at at Western Connecticut State University
I was anxious about taking piano lessons because I’m 65 years old and had tried online lessons, YouTube lessons, and tried teaching myself from a book – but I was getting nowhere. I’ve now been taking lessons with Sandy Connolly at Crescendo Music Loft for six weeks and I’ve found my music home. The curriculum at Crescendo has enough variety and flexibility for me to be challenged and pursue MY goals. Sandy’s approach to music theory with her “Tiny Books” series is whimsical and engaging. Her enthusiasm and encouragement are wonderfully motivating. The facility at the Music Loft is amazing. I’m having a blast and can’t wait each week for my next lesson!
Brian Jones
Professor of Marketing at Quinnipiac University

What’s Included in the Starter Binder?

What’s Included in the Crescendo Music System Starter Binder?

Crescendo Music System Start Binder

All students taking lessons at Crescendo Music Studio need a starter binder so they can stay organized throughout their course of study. Starter binders are offered at a discount for tuition-paying students, and for students buying 8- and 4-lesson packages. Full price for starter binders is $75, but for students starting in Fall of  2020, starter binders are $50. 

  • Staples Brand 1″ Better Binder
  • Customized Color Student Cover with Name and Level Number
  • Entire Set of 11 Primer Level Tiny Books of Musical Rudiments
  • Entire Set of 9 Level One Tiny Books
  • Labeled Divider Tabs
  • Primer Level and Level One Tiny Book To Do Lists
  • Level One Rudiments with Worksheets for: 
    • Sight Singing
    • Rhythm Studies
    • Melodic Dictation
    • Compose Your Own Melody
    • Concepts in Harmony & Improvisation
  • Small MUJI Grid Notebook
  • Mitsubishi HB Pencil
  • Staff Paper

We’re Making Our Space Safe for You

Crescendo Music Loft Lesson Room 2020

We have made a number of changes at the studio to comply with new Connecticut state regulations. We are delighted to report that we have enough space in our performance room for in-person music lessons and band practices for up to six people. We have completed the transition so that the performance space is fully set up for lessons and rehearsals. Here is what we have done:

Instructor & Student Stations 12 Feet Apart

Two stations are set up:

  • One for Sandy at one piano on one side of our large room against the far wall
  • Another with a second piano for the student (voice and piano) right in front of the open back door where the breeze comes in from the marsh
  • 12 feet apart to comply with regulations for musicians performing without face masks

Fresh Air Coming in From the Marsh

With the fleet of kick-ass fans we installed, we can move 6,630 cubic feet of air per minute. With the room being 10,000 cubic feet, we’ll have a complete change of air within two minutes.

  • You can have all the windows open with fans pulling air across the room in one direction from behind you, or
  • We can have two giant air conditioners CRANKED and open windows and doors for the fifteen minutes before your lesson.
  • In either case, we will still fire up our kick-pass fans in between lessons to completely exchange the air in the room.

Big, Clear, Plastic Room Dividers In Between Stations

For those wanting it, we can set up big, clear plastic dividers in between stations.


15 Minutes In Between Students

Students will be scheduled with 15 minutes between lessons so that:

  • We can completely disinfect between students
  • No one will have to cross in the stairwell

Only Hard Surfaces at Student Station

The student station will be sparse with only hard surfaces and writing utensils that can be wiped down (entire acoustic piano included) in between each lesson.

No Microphones, Unless Desired

While we disinfect microphones on hand, we suggest bringing your own microphone if you wish to use one.

Face Masks Can Be Worn

For those desiring extra caution, both student and instructor can wear face masks, even for voice lessons.

Only Two People in the Building at a Time in the Afternoons

Sandy will be the only other person in the room with the student unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time for parents or other musicians to be available for accompaniment or observation.

Bathroom Cleaned by Staff Daily

  • We will bleach and disinfect once a day.
  • Antibacterial soap will always be available.

Entire Studio Continues to Be Professionally Cleaned Each Week

  • Our beloved Viviana has been cleaning our studio weekly all along, vacuuming all floors, completely disinfecting the bathroom, and bleaching every hard surface throughout the studio.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be on hand at all times.
  • All trash cans have foot openers.

Curriculum Can Be Sent Digitally

If desired, all sheet music and curriculum materials can be digitized and emailed for printing at home.

Forms Will Be Needed From Each Student

We will be asking each student or parent of student to fill out a form that includes a checklist of what items they would like to have in place for each lesson to make them feel the most comfortable.