For Teens

There’s so much happening at the Loft just for teens! Check it out:

The Groove is an open mic for teens, and takes place on the first Friday of every month. Book yourself here!

Get Your Act Together is the rehearsal for the Groove, on the last Saturday of every month, where musicians have the opportunity to practice with music directors Abigail Connolly and Wiley Bartels, as well as Uzo’s House Band.

Uzo’s House is the House Band that performs at the Groove, and assists in other people’s acts, made up of four skilled teen musicians as well as the music directors.  

Uzo is the team running the Groove and its GYAT rehearsals, made up of of ten teens comitted to creating an atmosphere of positivity.

Groovies is a special membership, consisting of two tiers. The base level ($25) gets you access to the Groove, Get your Act Together, and the Loft space to practice for select days. The Uzo tier ($35) gives you all of that, plus access to Uzo’s meetings and the House Band’s rehearsals.