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Connecticut Shoreline Studio for Music Lessons
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Another Hendrix Chord?

The Hendrix Chord: E7#9

Lots of guitarists call the 7#9 chord – the “Hendrix” chord, after the legendary Jimi Hendrix who employed it often, but you can really hear it loud and clear on “Foxy Lady”.

Hendrix E7#9 Chord

Another Useful Hendrix Chord: Eb/G

But there’s another chord that I associate with Jimi, and you can hear this all over “The Wind Cries Mary” – especially the intro. It is a major chord that replaces the root note with the major 3rd on the bass string.

To see how to make this chord form, first play a 5th string rooted power chord (Fig 1).

Replace the root with the major third of the chord (Fig 2). This chord is named Eb/G – indicating to play an Eb major chord, but to play a G in the bass.

Fig. 1 root on 5th string

Hendrix EbG Chord

Fig. 2 – 3rd on 5th string

Hendrix EbM Pentatonic

Fig. 3

The chord in Fig. 2 sounds great – your bass player will love it as you’ve given up the root note, and the chord quality has not changed, it’s still a major chord. 

You can check out this YouTube video on how play the whole intro. 


the Eb/G chord from Fig. 2 is explained at 1:07.

But what I love in this chord shape is that the related major pentatonic box is laying right under your fingers to add tasty fills over the chord. Figure 3 shows the perfect pentatonic box shape that is there for the playing. Check out the 2:00 mark on the above video to see how Hendrix accessed that pentatonic form to play a fill, which leads into the first verse.

This major/3rd bass chord shape from Fig 2 also works well on country-flavored tunes. Finish a verse or chorus with the shape and try playing a fill from the pentatonic box to finish it up.

Try substituting this major/3rd bass chord for your traditional power chord, or open-voiced major chord.  Open up your ears and see if this sound is something you like!

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