Connecticut Shoreline Studio for Music Lessons
in Voice, Piano, Guitar & the Fundamentals of Music

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Connecticut Shoreline Studio for Music Lessons
in Voice, Piano, Guitar & the Fundamentals of Music

Clef Notes

Free Your Feet

Take Care of Your Feet

Why are your feet important?

Why is this post on a music site? Some musical instruments actually use the feet of course.  Many musicians stand on stage to perform. How many of us have tapped our feet to the sound of music that we’re enjoying? And when we really get into it, our feet sometimes move us into dancing!

In everyday life, for those of us who are still lucky enough to be able to walk, our feet take us from place to place. In order to do that, our feet need to sense changes in level, topography, uphill or downhill grades, how spongy or hard a terrain feels. We begin to sense all of this with the bottoms of our feet. When we stand or walk, our feet bear our entire body weight on their tiny selves. Even for those with large feet, their relative size to the body is still teeny. 

Respecting My Feet

My feet have complained to me loudly and clearly for many years, so I learned early to respect and care for them or they will seek vengeance. How do I do this? I wear shoes as infrequently as possible. If I wear shoes, they either have great support and fit or are very roomy so that I feel as if I am barefoot. I reject shoes that pinch or are uncomfortable at all — they are damaging and I won’t have fun while I’m wearing them.

Let Your Feet Breathe

This brings me what I’m suggesting to you folks — let your feet breathe here and there. Don’t wear shoes all the time if you don’t have to. Make sure you’re not wearing slippery socks inside the house or otherwise putting yourself in danger. Give yourself a chance to develop foot sensitivity without shoes. If you want to get really wild, take your bare feet outside into some nice soft spring grass and feel it on the bottoms of your feet and between your toes — delightful!

For Performers

Finally, when you’re performing, try wearing shoes that are incredibly comfortable. This is especially important for women, who often wear incredibly high heels on stage. I understand the aesthetic, which is gorgeous but not at the expense of my experience. If I want to be completely in my performance, it means being completely in my body. I must be comfortable, literally down to my toes! 

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