Connecticut Shoreline Studio for Music Lessons
in Voice, Piano, Guitar & the Fundamentals of Music

All Skill Levels Welcome, Ages 4 -104

Connecticut Shoreline Studio for Music Lessons
in Voice, Piano, Guitar & the Fundamentals of Music

Clef Notes

Voice & Piano Teacher Needed

Voice & Piano Instructor Needed

Crescendo Music Loft is growing! And we’d like to continue! Presently, we need a voice and piano teacher who is versed in traditional songs as well as contemporary pop, rock, blues, country, and Broadway music.

Successful applicants should have significant teaching experience (not necessarily in music) and be able to sing, play piano, and read music. Elementary school teaching experience would be very helpful.

This teacher will be working with students aged 4 – 104.  We teach the fundamentals of music, no matter the age, and everyone learns differently. We are looking for someone who can teach music fundamentals in a variety of ways to all personality types.

In the near term, you will observe 4 – 6 hours of weekly lessons while learning the Crescendo Music System.

Once your training is completed,  you will be taking on individual students in addition to supporting the overall student roster.

Initially, you will be at the studio from about 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. two afternoons a week. 


  • A strong singing voice with facility in chest, middle, and head registers;
  • At least five years of teaching experience;
  • Ability to read music;
  • Ability to play piano at an intermediate level.

Short-Term Responsibilities

(First Three Months)

  • Attend two hours of lessons twice a week (four hours total)
  • Take notes during lessons about material being taught and the manner in which it is being presented;
  • Master the material in the first three levels (out of 12) of Crescendo Music System which includes sight reading (including solfege), rhythmic drills, piano scales, melodic dictation, and composition;
  • Be open to developing your own repertoire;
  • Have weekly meetings with Sandy to discuss teaching technique and ask questions;
  • During lessons, look up sheet music and karaoke tracks on the internet, purchase, and put files in shared folders for each student;
  • Be somewhat tech savvy as we use an incredible amount of technology;
  • Help keep studio organized and tidy.

Mid-Term Responsibilities

(Second Three Months)

  • All of the above;
  • Start teaching portions of some lessons depending on your strengths. 

Long-Term Responsibilities

(After Six Months of Training)

  • All of the above;
  • Begin teaching your own students;


  • For first three months $20/hour.
  • Second three months $25/hour.
  • Upon taking your own students, pay will be $40 – $50 per hour, depending on teaching skills and ability to customize lessons/develop own lesson plans using the Crescendo Music System.

In Conclusion

We hope to build a team of teachers who collaborate and are able to take over portions of each other’s lessons with ease. We believe each teacher has a superpower and that we will be a better teaching studio if we are working together, each in our area of strength.

Send resume and cover letter to Sandy Connolly at 


Crescendo Music Loft
5-B Old Post Road
Madison, CT 06443

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