What is Crescendo Music System’s Core Curriculum?

Crescendo Music System’s new Core Curriculum by Sandy Connolly is a 12-level program designed to help students become fluent in the language of music.

Music students are traditionally taught to play pieces with near-perfection, maybe even with feeling, yet many lack the knowledge to speak about music fluently and struggle to converse with those who can. This may place artificial limits on a student’s opportunities to advance their skills in a non-teaching setting.

CMS’s Core Curriculum is designed to teach the words, symbols, grammar, and etiquette of music so that everyone can “jam with the pros” right from the beginning.

The Core Curriculum:

At each of the twelve levels you will:

  • Read a series of 8-12 Tiny Books of Musical Rudiments to learn basic words, symbols, and concepts;
  • Create hand-crafted reference tools as part of your Musician’s Tool Kit;
  • Use skills obtained by creating the Tool Kit to execute exercises in:
    • Reading music
    • Singing for musicians (all musicians sing)
    • Writing down melodies by listening
    • Composing melodies
    • Harmonizing
  • Learn:
    • industry slang
    • tricks of the trade
  • “Jam with the pros” by working with other live musicians and/or backing tracks

Whether you are a complete beginner, have sung or played an instrument for a long time, formerly sung or played an instrument, or just want to brush up on your skills, Crescendo Music System’s Core Curriculum will help you become fluent in the language of music and is appropriate for ages 8 – 108.