What’s Included in the Crescendo Music System Starter Binder?

Crescendo Music System Start Binder

All students taking lessons at Crescendo Music Studio need a starter binder so they can stay organized throughout their course of study. Starter binders are offered at a discount for tuition-paying students, and for students buying 8- and 4-lesson packages. Full price for starter binders is $75, but for students starting in Fall of  2020, starter binders are $50. 

  • Staples Brand 1″ Better Binder
  • Customized Color Student Cover with Name and Level Number
  • Entire Set of 12 Primer Level Tiny Books of Musical Rudiments
  • Entire Set of 11 Level One Tiny Books
  • Labeled Divider Tabs
  • Primer Level and Level One Tiny Book To Do Lists
  • Level One Rudiments with Worksheets for: 
    • Sight Singing
    • Rhythm Studies
    • Melodic Dictation
    • Compose Your Own Melody
    • Concepts in Harmony & Improvisation
  • Small MUJI Grid Notebook
  • Mitsubishi HB Pencil
  • Staff Paper