Connecticut Shoreline Studio for Music Lessons
in Voice, Piano, Guitar & the Fundamentals of Music

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Connecticut Shoreline Studio for Music Lessons
in Voice, Piano, Guitar & the Fundamentals of Music

Clef Notes

Bookmarks For Online Loft Students

This past year has proven that the willingness to adjust and adapt to a new format can bring success. Crescendo Music Loft is no exception. Students have had the option to continue in-person classes or choose a zoom format for lessons. Additionally, the Online Core Curriculum was birthed as a tool to teach the Rudiments of Music in an online format. Previous blog posts Welcome to Crescendo Music Loft, New Students! and A Crash Course in Online Core Curriculum give students an introduction to The Loft, the System, and the Online Curriculum. This brief blog post is an addendum to those.  

The websites below make up the recommended list of Bookmarks for Loft Students that should be readily available to you when you are practicing your music. By creating these Bookmarks on your computer or tablet you will eliminate time wasted looking up websites or googling resources. This list of Bookmarks will facilitate virtual learning opportunities as well as at-home practice time.  

Google Drive

Google Drive is used to share your voice and/or piano folder containing sheet music, tracks, videos and practice plans. Sandy regularly shares files via Google Drive and you can add videos of your assignments as well! More information on Google Drive can be found on the Google Drive blog post, and Google Drive, Part 2.


Zoom can be used for lessons as needed. Zoom can also be used to work out technical problems or online curriculum questions by yours truly. Please contact me at for assistance with resolving online confusion or any computer woes.

Crescendo Music Loft

The Crescendo Music Loft site provides many resources pertaining to the space as well as the school: rehearsal room information, music lesson details and class schedules, materials and links to curriculum, current events and the entertaining and informative Clef Notes blog.  

Crescendo Music System 

Crescendo Music System will likely be the most used website on this Bookmarks list. Not only does this website host the Online Core Curriculum, it connects you with any links and sources you may need for at-home practice and assignments.

Virtual Piano will serve you well in a variety of circumstances. Included is a metronome as well as the ability to record what you play (when accessing the site with a Google Chrome browser).  Additional features include different key assists, sound effects, and color and theme options.  If you’re looking for a challenge, you can learn to play the piano through your computer keyboard!  

Sight Reading Factory

Sight Reading Factory will be assigned throughout the levels of curriculum at The Music Loft as directed by Sandy. Here Sandy provides an introduction to Sight Reading Factory.  


Once you begin the Online Core Curriculum you will quickly become familiar with Vocaroo. Vocaroo is a straightforward website that records you singing and/or playing your assignments, then creates a link of your recording that can be copied and pasted as an answer to quiz.  

As the parent of a voice student, I know firsthand how helpful it is to have these websites a click away. Taking a few minutes now will save you time down the road and make for more fluid practice sessions.

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