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How To Use the ProMetronome App by EUMLab

Help! This Metronome App Thing Is Confusing!

Note to readers: This post is geared towards Level 1 Students of Crescendo Music System but others should find it useful as well.

Don’t worry. Just breathe. We’re here to help.

By now you should have downloaded and installed the free version of the Pro Metronome from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet. But just in case you haven’t, get them here: Apple App Store Google Play Store Go ahead and open the app. You should see something like this: At this point you only really need to set the following:
  1. The time signature;
  2. The tempo;
  3. The audio click sound;
  4. Starting and stopping the metronome.

Setting the Time Signature

You can access the time signature settings via two methods: 1. By tapping on T.S. near the top of the screen, or 2. By tapping on the bottom left of the screen where it shows the current time signature setting. After you do either of those a pop-up window appears. To set the beats per measure (the top number of the time signature) tap on the ‘–’ or ‘+’ button below where is says ‘BEAT’ until you arrive at the correct number. For instance, if the music or chart shows that the time signature is 3/4, tap on the + or – until the display shows a ‘3’ as the top (or left) number.
To set the type of note that receives one beat (the bottom number of the time signature) tap on the – or + below where is says ‘NOTE’ until you arrive at the correct number. Right now, as a Level 1 Student, you will only be dealing with time signatures where a quarter note gets one beat (with a 4 on the bottom).
Once you’ve set the time signature, you can close the pop-up window by tapping away from it.

Setting the Tempo

There are two ways of setting the tempo. You can either: 1. Tap where it says ‘Tempo’ near the top of the screen. A window will pop up and you can manually enter the tempo by using the keypad. Once you’ve entered the correct tempo just tap on ‘SET”. 2. Tap and hold your finger down on the virtual wheel in the middle of the screen. ‘Spin’ the wheel with your finger while keeping an eye on the number in the ‘TEMPO’ section near the top left of the screen. Spinning the wheel clockwise increases the tempo. Counter-clockwise decreases the tempo. Once you’ve set your tempo just take your finger off the screen.

Setting up the audio click sound

You should set up the click sound so that each beat is audible, with the first beat of each measure being accented. There are two ways of doing this but I will only show you one for now, because it is easy. There are several rectangles below where the app displays the tempo and time signature; each rectangle represents one beat. Each of these rectangles is subdivided into 3 parts. Tap on the first large rectangle (the farthest left) until the 3 smaller rectangles within are filled in with a pinkish purple color. Then, tap the other rectangles until only the bottom third is pinkish purple. It should end up look something like these examples:

Starting & stopping the metronome

The start and stop button is in the middle of the virtual wheel. All you need to do is press it. Easy Peasy.
Now go out there and do the voodoo that you do so well!

22 thoughts on “How To Use the ProMetronome App by EUMLab”

  1. Sadly I think the company is out of biz…
    Cant get to their web for a long while…
    Can still get the apps…
    Their daw remote is pretty wicked cool for some things but needs updating… id volinteer for ghat jod but i cant get in touch with them…
    Any info would be helpful…

    • Hi Richard – sorry for the delay in a reply! The only way for you to know what tempo to enter on the keypad is to know what tempo the song is that you’re trying to play. If you don’t know, you would have to get another app like BPM tap or visit and tap along to the song you’re playing.

    • I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ok….create a new set list,,,,it will ask you to create from an existing list or make new.
      use your existing list and rename, then go to edit and you can grab the bars at the right side of screen and drag to a new order up or down. You only have one shot at it. once you exit, the feature is no longer there. No going back

  2. Does anyone know how to create a NEW setlist? I need to create one for a gig I’ve got in August, and I can’t figure out how to add a set list beyond the default…

    • Hi Annamarie,

      I think I can answer this question:
      If you open the list you already have, you can show the list over the whole screen by clicking on the knob with the two arrows. It’s right from the name of your active list (mostly “default”). Now you see the list over the whole screen. You see on the top of your screen again the word “All playlists” in blue. Click on this and then you get a screen where you see on the bottom “new list”. Click n this and create a new list.

      Is this what you were looking for?

      • When I get to this “create new list” page it doesn’t seem to let me choose songs I have in other lists. Also, is there a way to re-order songs in a list? Can’t seem to find this


    • Go to the view where you can see the set list and tap the double arrow in the top right corner. Now you will see whatever set list you are on. Tap the name of the set list (like Default) at the top. Click New List in the bottom left corner.

  3. I have a list of songs in pro metronome. I want to put them in an alphabetic order. Does anyone know how to do that in Pro Metronome?

  4. How do you rearrange your set list? On my old iPad it was easy. Go to set list and hold and drag. On my newer iPad, that doesn’t work. Help

  5. My screen seems stuck with the wheel. I have the premium pro paid version and I can’t move to the start screen. There also is no exit

    • I can find no way to open the app despite powering off the iPhone and deleting the app and reinstalling. Is there no help option?? Very frustrating. 😔

  6. Can you add “Quick Notes” for as many songs as you want in a set list? Figured out how to do a Quick Note but not how to attach it to a specific song.


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