Connecticut Shoreline Studio for Music Lessons
in Voice, Piano, Guitar & the Fundamentals of Music

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Connecticut Shoreline Studio for Music Lessons
in Voice, Piano, Guitar & the Fundamentals of Music

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What I’m Thankful For at The Music Loft

A Nine-Year-Old’s Perspective

While we all have plenty to be thankful for at Crescendo Music Loft, my nine-year-old daughter and Voice student of CML is taking the lead on this post and sharing her perspective.  In no particular order, here are her top five things to be thankful for at The Loft:


First up is selecting and singing her Repertoire.  “It’s fun to watch movies and shows and find songs I like and then learn how to sing it the way that’s right for me.”  We’ve learned that not every song she gravitates towards may be a good choice for her Repertoire List so that gets filed in the Sing Repeatedly at Home With Alexa list.  Sometimes the hardest part is choosing which song on the Repertoire List to sing next, but Sandy is great at helping with that!

Combining Piano With Vocals 

While she is a Voice student first, the interest in Piano is there.  “I like using the piano because it helps me get my voice to the right key of the song.  And it’s really fun!”  As a parent who is present at lessons and practice time at home, I’ve been surprised by the excitement that comes with my child playing a few keys. Even more so, the satisfaction she feels after mastering and memorizing a few bars is contagious! It’s a quick, direct accomplishment versus learning a whole song, which fuels the fire to learn more.  


The prize table has been a favorite from day one! “I make sure to get enough practice minutes in so I get to pick out a cool prize. My favorite is Zotz!” While it hasn’t been said aloud, I suspect part of the excitement is just staring at the table each week. Sandy displays the choices in an organized and visually appealing manner that captures her interest. It’s easy to get caught up gazing at the fun options.

Rehearsal Time

When asked ‘what is your favorite part of a weekly lesson?,’ her response is “singing my songs.”  While she is constantly singing and humming and following karaoke tracks, what she really means is singing a song off her Repertoire List into a microphone against background music with quality sound and lights around her and feeling like a Rock Star. We’ve recently started using The Music Loft as rehearsal space to allow for extra practice time in that environment. “I can sing whatever I want and however I want!” And that means her weekly lesson can include other things like practicing Rhythm Studies or Melodic Dictation. 

Visit the Loft Schedule for Studio availability and be sure to fill out the request form at the bottom of the page.

Diction Songs

Choosing and learning a diction song is a fun opportunity to try a song that would not make one’s Repertoire list.  Silly songs from Veggie Tales and most recently songs from Hamilton have been my daughter’s favorites this year. “Sometimes they’re challenging for me but I like to sing songs that have quick parts.”

As an observing parent, I’ve noticed a sense of freedom and relaxation that comes with learning diction songs, focusing mostly on the tongue twister lyrics while the music can flow in the background. It’s safe to say Alexander Hamilton and the Skylar Sisters will be with us through the holidays.  

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