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Connecticut Shoreline Studio for Music Lessons
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Zoom: Logging In

Zoom is an excellent tool that allows millions of people to connect remotely everyday in work-from-home capacities as well as to friends and families near and far. However, as it goes with technology, frustrations can arise within Zoom and having trouble logging in when you’re minutes away from your next Zoom meeting can be maddening. Here are some tips for troubleshooting your log-in issues within Zoom.

Create an Account

Have you created an account? Whether you are using the app (recommended) or browser on your desktop computer, or the mobile version on your phone, you need to have credentials to log in. Visit Zoom and click the orange Sign Up button in the top right corner to get started or download the app to your device. Upon opening the app click Sign In when you see the pop-up box which will open the next pop-up where you will see Sign Up Free. Once you have created your account, make sure you are spelling your email and password correctly to avoid log-in failure. 

A detailed step-by-step explanation of creating an account can be found here.

Internet and Security Settings

Do you have an internet connection on your device? Perhaps your signal is too weak or your connection has been suspended temporarily. Try moving to a different room of your location to pick up a stronger signal or you can try plugging directly into your modem. If your device has a connection but you are still unable to connect to Zoom, try opening Zoom in another way: i.e. using the browser on your desktop instead of the app or using the mobile version instead of your desktop.  

As was discussed in the Clef Notes posts Can You Hear Me Now and Zoom Visuals, the security settings on your device may be blocking Zoom from connecting to your computer. This webpage provides you with steps to check the Firewall settings on your device as well as any antivirus settings that may be causing an Unable to Connect message.  

Error Codes

A variety of error codes may appear for a slew of reasons. Zoom’s own webpage displays a handy chart that provides details for why the error code has appeared and suggestions for resolving the particular issue.

How to Join

Hopefully, you have now resolved any issues you may have encountered while logging into a Zoom meeting. If you are looking to log-in from a new device or platform, the steps vary slightly whether you are using a browser or an app, or whether you are using a provided link or meeting ID and password. The different methods and corresponding steps are explained well here.   

Happy Zooming!

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  1. Hi Melissa! Yet another VERY HELPFUL post, thank you! I look forward to gathering up all these posts into a handout for our Zoom training workshop.


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